Tips for Office Removal
17 December 2014
Moving office needs to be a professional operation; the equipment you’re moving usually consists of expensive computers, units and printers, as well as possibly important files, and therefore a lot rests on the shoulders of the movers. Safety and care needs to be paramount. Whether you’re part of the removal company or part of the office itself, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your office removal process goes without a hitch.ResearchIf you’re moving office, provide your removal service with a floor plan of the office and other information regarding stairs, doors and fire escapes. If you’re part of the removal team, make sure to request these details from whoever has organised the move. This will allow you to draw up a strategy before you begin and keep the process safe. Also make sure you have similar information for the new office space so you can have a detailed plan for when you arrive. This will let you know what you need to pack onto the van first, thus being unloaded last, and vice versa. For example, you may want to pack desks and units last so that they’re first off the van and into the office. A detailed floor plan also lets the movers know where to distribute the heavier items.Unpack units and desksAsk the office workers to take their own belongings with them to the new building, this will give the movers one less element to worry about. Also get them to back up their own work just in case something is lost or damaged in the move. Go through all draws, cabinets, units and desks, and completely empty them of objects. Box these items separately, making sure to wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap and package them accordingly. Label all the boxes clearly, including which way up the box needs to be carried. Ensure all the boxes are fastened securely with tape so that they don’t fall open. Continue by protecting the units themselves by wrapping them in bubble wrap or plastic, being careful to focus on corners and edges which could be chipped, scraped or damaged during the move. If you’re unable to do this, cover the furniture in soft blankets when packing it into the van.ComputersFor items such as computers, printers and scanners, it’s sensible to hire carts so you can transport multiple items at once, especially if there are multiple flights of stairs. Carts are better for transporting heavier, delicate items because they have wheels and will therefore provide a smoother ride to and from the van. Firstly, wrap all monitors, screens and the like with bubble wrap before carefully packing them into the carts for transportation. Make sure you secure the carts snuggly inside the van as, although the wheels can help with getting them to and from the van, once on the van they can be a hindrance and can slide around. Size of the taskIf the office is only small, only a couple of removal men with a smaller van may be needed. However, if you have more than one room or the office is very large, you may need more of a team to help with the move. Consider the size of the office space, the amount of stairs, amount of items, loading and unloading that needs to be done. If in doubt, ask for the removal company’s advice as they will have plenty of experience with office removals and with be able to offer their expertise.

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