Tandy T. 16 Apr 2024
With their swift services, these movers made our move feel like a quick and painless process.
Alicia H. 11 Dec 2023
We chose Man and Van for their removal services and they exceeded our expectations with their professional approach.
Olivia T. 26 Jul 2023
I am entirely pleased with the service I obtained from beginning to end. The move perturbed me, yet the team truly attended to me and quieted my anxieties . Everything transpired excellently!
Evelyn P. 20 Jun 2023
An exceptionally professional furniture move; the affable and competent guys got the job done perfectly!
Fairfax 20 Feb 2023
Being no strangers to relocating, this move has got to be rated amongst our favorites all because of Man and Van' fantastic contributions in making what would otherwise be a very strenuous exercise much smoother. We are sincerely indebted!
Andy M. 06 Feb 2023
The team at Man with a Van was composed of top notch professionals who had a courteous manner and did not waste any time working. In order to protect our delicate possession, they used special packaging materials. Moving was completed with speed and efficiency.
John Edwards 21 Aug 2019
They really came through when I needed them. I was selling my father's house after he passed away. He willed some of the family heirlooms to me and I needed them transported to my home while I was selling his house. They got the job done in record time! Couldn't ask for a better removals company.
K. Sutherton 31 May 2017
Moving house is a big and costly job, but luckily for me RemovalVanHire were on hand to make it easy, affordable and manageable.
Lily H. 03 Sep 2015
As you may already know, planning a big move is no easy task, and there are dozens of different things you have to plan out to ensure it all goes smoothly. When I was first beginning to sort it all out, there were several other things needing my attention, both at work and in my home life, so moving was a huge strain on me. RemovalVanHire relieved so much of this stress, working exactly as they promised with all the friendliness and professional attitude you'd want from a moving company. A big thanks to everyone there!
Edward Neighbours 27 May 2015
Man with Van's man and van service was exactly what I needed. I required a simple way of getting my goods from one address to another and they succeeded. It was only a short move, five minute walk, but carrying everything from my old address to my new one would be a bit too much. Their support helped me get it all sorted in no time and without any stress or problems. 10 out of 10.
Annabelle R. 17 Mar 2015
Buying my first property and venturing out into the world on my own for the first time was a daunting prospect. Moving away from the comforts of living with my parents was going to be tough, but I knew the time was right. I wanted to make the transition as stress free as possible, so I gave their company a call and I was right to do so. I will certainly recommend and definitely use RemovalVanHire in the future if need be, and I do hope others see this and would want to do the same.
Therese J. 29 Jan 2015
We have a lot of heavy furniture items around the house and, to top it all, most of them are antiques, which means that they are really sensitive to moving. We hired RemovalVanHire because they felt like a good deal and they took care of everything for us. We were a bit nervous about our furniture, but these guys handled everything with great care. I would definitely recommend them for any kind of removals task.
Matt Dartington 06 Jan 2015
A work colleague recommended that I use RemovalVanHire for my house removal and I wasn't disappointed by the service I received. It was quick and efficient and the removal van even turned up on time. If I need any removal services in the future, I'll definitely be giving these guys another call to see what packages they can offer - great team with quality moving vans, perfect for my house move.
Catelynn 07 Oct 2014
I can't explain how much of a difference RemovalVanHire's man and van service made to my moving day. I was so worried about carrying my heavy boxes, loading the van to do the move in one trip and making sure that nothing got broken, but my mover managed to handle all of these worries for me! This is a service that's really great if you hate moving and the prices are spectacular - especially if you're comparing them to other local companies! I suggest you call these experts for your moving day!
Carol 10 Sep 2014
You never really know exactly what you are going to get form a removals company, as there is no such thing as a free trial or a test drive with these sorts of companies. I tend to find that a friendly person on the other end of the hone is a good indicator, but I was not ready for how good RemovalVanHire were in areas aside from the phone manner! They performed our removal with ease and aplomb, ensuring that we were able to get the job done without any damages or incidents, and that meant that were left without any issues surrounding price or satisfaction!
Kimberly Stewart 27 Aug 2014
Having trouble on a removal is a nightmare, especially if you are doing it on your own. We decided not to risk it this time round, and got RemovalVanHire involved. We figured that the place was big enough that an accident could be pretty devastating, and the fact of the matter is that we'd likely mess something up! Luckily enough, the removals company were amazing, really friendly and very useful, so it was all good and went by really smoothly. A fantastic job from an excellent team!
Judy Scott 16 Jul 2014
Good value on an office removal is a difficult thing to come by. I find that knowing how you are going to get a whole office moved without a terrible mess and lots of things getting broken is pretty much impossible. However, with the office removals team we got from RemovalVanHire, we found that nothing was left wanting, and that the move went by without any major issues! I was extremely impressed by how well it all went, and was pleased to have them involved in the process, as it all went extremely well indeed.
Cary Cole 26 Jun 2014
After having a few bad experiences in the past, I can say that I was put off moving for life. I realise now how silly that was, but it really felt like that at the time. After getting a job offer, however, I realised that a move would be a part of it and I was a bit trepid. A friend gave me the details for RemovalVanHire and assured me that they were very good. It turns out that she was telling the truth and I can definitely say that there was something excellent about being taken care of.
Amy Wournos 11 Jun 2014
We combined the contents of two different houses into one with the help of RemovalVanHire, and they were fantastic. I was dreading the process and thought it would be difficult or nigh-on impossible - but RemovalVanHire made everything easy and straightforward. They collected and combined the two loads in one fell swoop and then got it delivered bang on time. Then they helped us expertly unpack everything which made moving in and getting ourselves up and running very easy indeed! They then helped us get rid of some stuff we didn't need. A class act all the way.
Gareth Keenan 21 May 2014
So glad I found this lot, and so glad I didn't try moving myself! Found myself stuck with a major moving project, and RemovalVanHire stepped in before it went pear shaped! A rep of theirs visited my home and surveyed my needs, and the firm put together a comprehensive moving plan for me - and best of all, I didn't have to take them up on their offer if I didn't feel like it. I did feel like it though, and have no regrets. Highest possible recommendation - you won't be disappointed, trust me!
Douglas Gray 29 Apr 2014
Getting that perfect moving experience was something which I thought was beyond me. Thankfully I managed to find RemovalVanHire and they made a huge difference. They were utterly professional throughout the entire moving process and they made a big difference in terms of pricing as well. So much help were they, that I felt compelled to come online and deliver my verdict on what was, in essence, a truly fantastic service. A huge amount of kudos is due to the entire team and I am not sure that I can do them justice for just the amount of help which they were able to provide.
Jan Shelton 16 Apr 2014
I have a bit of a mad house at the moment, with three kids, and three dogs, so you can imagine that sorting out a removal is not going to be easy at present. Given that I needed to move however, I was forced in to finding a removals company who could go the extra mile for me, and that was exactly what I found in the wonderful people at RemovalVanHire. They really did get so much done, it was incredible. From advice on planning, to a great packing and unpacking service, with everything in between, they got the move done safely and easily.
Desmond P. 29 Mar 2014
I had moved house many times and had experienced good and bad removal services. This time a friend suggested I call a company he had thought to be excellent. I was dubious at first as people have different standards. However, RemovalVanHire were just as my friend said, excellent in every way. They were helpful and polite. We arranged a date for them to view our load and give me a quote. The man arrived on time and explained the options we had as well as tell us a cost. The cost was a reasonable price, and there were no extra fees everything was an in the price.
Rose R. 19 Mar 2014
I've wanted to find a way which I can spread the word about how much help they were during my move, but it seems that RemovalVanHire already get lots of praise from everyone already. And it's not just on here. Everyone I've talked to in the outside world has commented on how they really are the best option and how effortless their move was. Well, with this endless praise in mind, I will only add one more thing which I don't see mentioned enough: their prices really are fantastic and make a big difference when moving home.
Anne 21 Jan 2014
I was so nervous about moving into my new house. I had what seemed like dozens of boxes and so much furniture, and I didn't even have a van to move it all in! I called RemovalVanHire to see if they could help me and I'm so glad I did! I hired a really affordable man and van to give me a helping hand and the service was just fantastic! Even my heavy antique wardrobe was moved quickly and safely without me having to worry about it getting scratched or chipped! I really recommend this service to everyone.
David Carter 08 Nov 2013
Essentially, a removals company should make your life easier during a pretty stressful time. I have heard of many people who have had terrible experiences with removals companies, and who have found them to make the whole experience a lot more stressful, exactly when they need some peace in their lives. RemovalVanHire are perfect for those who want to ensure that they are not feeling the strain too hard when moving house, as they provide an excellent service and really do ensure that you are well looked after. We were very happy with our recent removal.
Danny Brown 29 Oct 2013
The boys over at RemovalVanHire made my life a hell of a lot easier this last move I did. I had a lot on my plate as we set out, so it was good to have a team that knew exactly what was going on, who could let me know what I needed to do and the like. In a way it was like moving with mates, but none of my friends are as organized or tough as this lot! They didn't break anything, which I was surprised by, given how much was in the van, and the price was pretty good as well.
K. Harrison 16 Oct 2013
I was very happy with the job that the removals people at Removal Van did on my recent removal. It all went very easily, and there were no breakages to be seen. The team were careful with my items, and respectful of the house, which was as much as I could have hoped for. In a way I had slight reservations about hiring a team of people to come in to by house who I didn't know, but they were complete gents, and I was completely relaxed as soon as I met them.